Fast Food: More Harm than Good

Fast Foods have taken the globe, from McDonald’s to Pizza Hut, people are going crazy and consuming heavily portions of these fast foods, which in no way is good for health.

When we talk about the popularity of these fast foods over the years, and how French fries, Burgers, and pizzas have taken over the compositions of people’s normal food routine. The problem in this sense is not in Burgers, Pizzas, or other fast food, it’s in fact preferable to eat these once or twice a week for a balanced and composed health routine. But overconsumption is also not a great thing to even consider.

Fast food consumption is something that makes an average individual fall into the vicious circles of health debt, as it not only creates problems for the individual’s health but in terms of financial problems, the debt rises with a great hike.

Fast Food: More Harm than Good

Where does the problem arise?

There is no doubt that in a day you consume loads of sugary, processed, fried food which is proven to be hazardous for an individual’s health, but it seems like there is no end to it, as people are in a constant rush to fill their stomachs with oily, greasy chemicals, that are also sold hugely among the population daily.

On an average level, people consume a greater number of fast-food items, than their normal healthy, nutritious diets. And here arises greater health, financial, and social problems for humans when the bar of consuming these hazardous foods is reached a higher level of consumption.

Whom to blame?

Well, as we know we consume fast foods, but we, therefore, cannot in a way blame anyone in this regard, as because being human we also cannot kill our satisfaction and desire when consuming our favourite Burgers, Pizzas, etc. But in the way to consume them there should be a very sustainable and balanced approach to it while dealing with these fast foods.

Therefore, blaming someone is not the only answer to the problem; it is preferable to tackle the situation with wisdom and greatness, which is something that should be done in regard to the fast food situation.

With this, we can say that yes! Fast food is much more harmful than you think if consumed regularly, as there’s no harm in consuming it once or thrice a week, but if done daily stimulates the phrase ‘more harm than good’.


A Brief History of Music – From Emergence to the Present Day

Music has forever been a significant cultural and social component of humanity’s set of experiences. It assisted individuals with shaping ancestral bonds and frequently served strict and otherworldly necessities. Music has endured for the long haul from old age to this day. Music is known to evoke emotions and memories, and thus people with Alzheimer’s or dementia respond well to music therapy. In addition, it helps people on the autism spectrum to enhance their communication skills, and assists people with Parkinson’s to improve their motor functions.

The origin of music

A couple of specialists expressed that a few archeological finds date back to the Neanderthal time frame, demonstrating that humanity found music way before we used to accept it.

European and Asian ancient music

  • The very first composed piece of music, introduced in a cuneiform “alphabet,” was found in Syria, and it likely traces back a long time back.
  • To develop their insight into music in antiquated Asia, in India, specifically, scientists counseled the Hindu holy books, the Vedas, which contain valuable data about Indian old style music.

Opera and Romantic music

From the XVIII to the early XX 100 years, various writers, from Mozart to Beethoven, and Haydn to Schubert, tried different things with multiple structures, pleasant thoughts, imaginative consonant arrangements, and instruments.

A Brief History of Music – From Emergence to the Present Day

Jazz and blues

Jazz and blues set a significant starting point for the wide range of various contemporary sorts, similar to what European traditional music had done previously.

Rock and pop music

A transformation occurred throughout the Fifties: rock’n’roll showed up and impacted the music scene. Starting straightforwardly from the blues structure, rock’n’roll turned into a great pattern and affected various parts of culture and society.

Electronic music

In the present standard music, electronic devices and assets are exceptionally current, albeit the melody structures, according to a melodic perspective, actually keep up with the norms of the upright stone and popular music we have heard since the Fifties.


This short outline of the historical backdrop of music leaves many inquiries unanswered. We would have to compose a progression of books on the points to be as complete as expected! What we can underline, in any case, is how music is a repetitive part of our lives and social orders.

It continues changing, yet it advances continuously, keeping in touch with its past. Much like a city first worked in quite a while and afterward continually created consistently, music is never equivalent to the point at which it started, yet it shows its strong groundwork.

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