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The main topic based on book reports

How to appropriately write a book report

Writing a book report can be presented in different forms. The writer should make an analysis of the plot, characters and themes. It doesn’t matter what kind of easy book report you write, there are some basic elements you have to include in order to show why the book is interesting. The following has to be included in a book report:

  1. What type of report are you writing?
  2. What’s the title of the book?
  3. Name of the author
  4. Time the story occurred
  5. The location where the story took place
  6. The names of all characters and a brief description about them
  7. Dynamic quotations and examples from the main book to support your points
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Plot summary: When writing a plot summary for your report, you don’t want it to look like you are simply retelling the story. Better to give your opinion of the story, why you felt the plot is convincing or not realistic.

Character analysis: If you choose to write about a certain character in the report, try to explore the physical nature of the character and the personal qualities they might possess.

Themes: A great way to write a book report is to explore the main part of the book that is more interesting to you. You should include your feelings when writing about the characters, tell how you feel through your thoughts as a reader to show the strength of the theme.

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