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How to write a personal statement

When writing a personal statement maybe to a UK, American, Canadian and Australian university, you will realize that just your grades are not enough for you to get a university admission. This is true for international students, and it may come as a surprise to most of them. Seeing the word personal statement, aside from it being a tumor, a personal statement is one of the stepping stones required for you to hit your personal goals in life.
If you choose your study programme that truly matches your academic profile then your personal statement is simply a tool you use to communicate with your tutors. Explaining to them why you choose the programme and what exactly you can offer, since you are not the only one applying or sending a personal statement. It remains the only means to express yourself and it serves as an interview platform between you and the university.

The word personal highlights the simple facts that you are trying to convince the admission officer why they should pick you over other students. So, the simple personal characteristics of yourself have to be stated. Things you should write out when writing a personal statement:

Avoid using common daily phrases that are frequently used in statement writing. examples are: ‘I always wanted to be a pilot since I was a little boy.’ ‘It has always been my childhood hobby’ etc.

Show evidence of your commitment and abilities like your actions regarding what you have done or accomplished in life. Write down which subject areas you are good in. Courses you excelled in during high school should be explained and how it is related with what you choose to study.

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